Activities from A to Z

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What are some toddler activities?

Activities from A to Z

A – art, acting
B – bean bags, bath fun, balls, blocks
C – cooking, clapping, coloring, chasing
D – dancing, drawing, dress-up, domino
E – egg counting and coloring, exploring
F – finger paint, follow the leader, finger plays, fishing
G– guessing games, grandparent fun, going places
H – hide-and-seek, hats, hammering, hand games
I – ice cream, icing cookies, indoor camping
J – jumping, juice pops, jigsaw puzzles
K – kitchen fun, kazoos, knick knack building, knot tying
L – lids, laughing, letter magnets
M – make-believe, music, mirrors, matching games
N – naming objects, nature walks, noodle necklaces & pictures
O – online games, organizing, obstacle course
P – pots & pans, play dough, puzzles, parades
Q – quiet walking, quick pick-up
R – reading books, rolling
S – sightseeing, stacking, singing, sorting, stories
T – treasure hunt, taping sounds, telephone talk
U – upside-down fun, unbox toys, unstack blocks, unwrap objects
V – volley a balloon, voice games, village play
W – walks, water fun, wrapping items
X – X marks the spot, xylophone
Y – yarn dolls & balls, yo-yo
Z – zoo, zipping



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