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When is the best time to run errands with a toddler?

Time of Day to Run Errands

Toddlers are often the happiest in the mornings after a good night sleep. If you need to run errands, do so at this time. However, this is not true for all toddlers, adjust your schedule to fit your toddler's temperament. Toddlers often sleep well in their car seats. During a nap time may also work best for running errands. Avoid running errands when the toddler is fussy and needs your attention.

How can I make shopping with a toddler easier?

Grocery Shop After Bedtime

Grocery stores often stay open late. Some parents find it easiest to go shopping after they put the kids in bed. One parent stays home with the kids while the other goes to the store.

How can I be prepared when I travel?

Spare Clothes

If your child frequently visits the grandparents, its a good idea to leave a spare change of clothes and handful of diapers at their house all the time. Sometimes accidents happen & sometimes they happen twice, this way grandma and grandpa will have a back-up!

How can I make traveling with a toddler easier?

Long Trips

Prepare ahead of time for long trips. Take along finger foods, snacks, drinks, diapers, and supplies. Take a few small toys. Maybe one or two new toys. Bring toddler's favorite blanket and toy.

How can I be prepared for my toddler´s needs when I run errands

Extra Diaper Bag in the Car

Keep an extra diaper bag in the car– a large one. Stock it with extra diapers, wipes, diaper medicine, toys, snacks, and a change of clothes for the toddler. Restock the bag regularly. If you also have a baby or preschooler, put a change of clothes in the bag for him or her too. Carry a smaller diaper bag with just a few essentials when you leave the car for a short time.

How can I make shopping with a toddler easier?

Shopping With Toddler

Plan shopping trips and errands when your toddler is fully rested. When toddlers are tired, they can become cranky easily.

How can I save time when doing shopping?

Shop Online

Most products are available online. Save time and hassle of shopping with a toddler by shopping online and having products delivered right to your door.

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