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What can I do about ear wax?

Ear Wax

Some children have excessive ear wax that can interfere with their hearing. Use ear wax drops available at most stores to loosen and remove the ear wax.

Should I always use a car seat?

Car Seat

Always buckle your child in a car seat whenever the child is riding in an automobile. Make sure the car seat is secure in the vehicle according to the owner's manual. Check that the safety belt is correctly routed through the car seat and fastened snugly.

Should I mail in the car seat Registration Card?

Car Seat Registration Card

Be sure to mail in your car seat registration card. You should be notified if your car seat is involved in a recall.

How do I use medicines?

Intended Use of Medicine

Use medicines only for their intended use or as directed by a doctor.

What can I do about hairpulling?


Trichotillomania is the abnormal desire to pull out one's hair -- called also hairpulling. Some toddlers develop this bad habit. More information can be found at:

Where should I put a car seat?

Use the Back Seat for Car Seats

The back seat of a vehicle is the safest place for car seats and children to ride. Air bags in the front seat can be dangerous to children.

Where can I get a record of my child´s immunizations?

Written Proof of Immunizations

Keep a written record of when your child has been immunized in a safe place. A written record is usually required before enrolling a child in school. Check with your doctor or clinic to get a copy of your child's immunization record.

How do I use medicines?

Keep Out of Reach

Keep all medicines out of reach of children and stored in a safe place. Use child safety locks and ask for child resistant caps.

What are the rules of car safety?

Buckle Up Check

Before going anywhere in your car make sure everyone is buckled up. It is recommended that all children under 80 pounds be in approved child safety seats in the back seat.

Where can I find help in taking medicines?

Problems with Medicines

Call your pharmacist or doctor if you have any problems with medicines, when to give it, how much to take, and any reactions to it.

How can I put eye drops in my child´s eyes?

Eye Drops

If your toddler needs eye drops, wait until he or she is asleep. Gently lift the eyelid and place eye drops in. If the child is in deep sleep, they will seldom wake up.

What should I know about medicines?

Original Containers

Keep medicine in their original containers. This helps to avoid confusion.

Where can I find help in taking medicines?

Read Labels

Toddlers grow and increase in size and weight. Know your toddler's weight and read the label of all medicines before giving them to your child. Check each time the correct amount. Don't rely on your memory.

Should I get my child immunized?


Get your child immunized. Shots help protect your child from dangerous diseases. Most state laws require immunization before starting school. Check with your local health department or doctor for a recommended schedule and follow it.

How can I prevent illness?

Hand Washing

Unwashed hands play a large role in spreading infections like colds and respiratory ailments among kids. Some of the respiratory infections are also largely spread through germs on hands. Teach your toddler to wash his or her hands. It's the action of washing hands long enough and often enough that works better than any kinds of antibiotic types of soaps in removing germs.

How can I prevent falls?

Safety Gates

Keep safety gates at both the top and bottom of your stairs, until the toddler can climb up and down without any difficulties.

What do I need to do to keep my child safe?

Medicine Cabinet

Keep medicine cabinets locked. Keep emergency number in a handy location near a phone.

How do I use medicines?

Children's Medicine

Use only children's medicine for children. Do not give medicine intended for adults to children.

Where can I find help in taking medicines?

Use Presriptions as Directed

Give your child prescribed medicines as directed by your doctor unless there are problems. Don't stop the medicine early.

How can I sanitize toys with white vinegar?

Sanitizing Toys with White Vinegar

One of the easiest ways to sanitize plastic children's toys is with white vinegar. This inexpensive, simple, and green cleaning technique is perfect for baby toys through those used by older children.

Fill the kitchen sink or a bucket up with the hottest water available from the tap. Add one to two cups of plain white vinegar directly to the water. For extra cleaning power, add a tablespoon or two of plain dish washing liquid. Allow the toys to soak for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse with cool water and dry them well.

(It is also important to note that any toys that have inner workings, require batteries, make noise or otherwise cannot be submerged should not be cleaned via the white vinegar method.)

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