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What type of books should I buy for my toddler?

Board Books

Board books are sturdier than regular books. They are great for toddlers. Toddlers usually can use these books unsupervised.

How can I clean my toddler´s books?

Cleaning Books

Books often need to be cleaned. Dirty and sticky hands can make books messy. Most books can be safely wiped off with diaper wipes.

What is the best way to read books to my toddler?

Reading Books

Allow your toddler to choose how to read the book. Toddlers often like to read books by looking at the pictures and telling the story themselves. They sometimes like to read books upsidedown or backwards.

Where can I find books for my toddler?


Most public libraries have a children's book section. Many also have a toddlers' book section. Visit your library and check out books for your toddler.

What type of books should I buy for my toddler?

Vinyl Books

Vinyl books make great bath toys. They are also great for messy toddlers, since these books are easy to wash.

When should I read to my toddler?

Bedtime Stories

Read or tell stories to your toddler at bedtime. Reading helps to relax children. Children enjoy the routine and look forward to bedtime.

Should I read to my toddler?


Read to your toddler. Teach your toddler to love books and reading. Allow the toddler to look at the pictures, turn pages, and retell the story. Ask questions about the story and pictures.

What type of books should I buy for my toddler?

Die Cut and Other Fun Books

Die cut, different shaped books, and other special design books are a great way to introduce toddlers to books. These books are often seen as both a toy and a book. These types of books can keep a toddler's interest while a parent is busy.

Where can I find books?

Finding Books has a large selection of toddler books. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to view a few of my recommended toddler books.

Where can I find books for my toddler?

Recommended Books

Click on the link: "Books" under "My Recommendations" to get a list of recommended toddler books.

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