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What type of clothes will make it easier for my toddler to dress?

Designs on Front of Clothing

Clothing with designs on the front will make it easy for the toddler to tell the front from the back while dressing.

What is the best type of night light?

Night Lights

Buy the type of night light that glows rather than the kind with a bulb. Night lights with bulbs burn out often. Bulbs are usually hot and can burn a toddler. Bulbs break easily and can be removed by toddlers. The night lights that glow are cool to the touch, last longer, and use less energy. They usually are not as bright, so you may want to use more than one in a room.

What type of clothing should I buy for my toddler?

Easy to Put on Clothes

Toddlers like to do many things by themselves. Dressing is one of them. Buy clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Clothes without buttons and zippers work best when toddlers are learning to dress themselves.

What type of toys should I buy?

Noisy Toys

Toddlers love to play with noisy toys. However, some of these toys can be quite noisy. Try the toy before purchasing it. What does it sound like? Is the sound annoying to you? Is the volume on the toy too loud? It is often best to choose the quieter toys. Quieter toys are less likely to drive you crazy at home and in the car.

What type of clothing should I buy for my toddler?

Comfortable Clothing

Toddlers sleep and play a lot. Buy clothing that is comfortable for the toddler. Soft fabrics such as cotton work the best. Avoid clothing with strings, ribbons, scratchy lace, buttons that are not flat, and objects that may poke or come off.

What type of toys should I buy?

Bright and Colorful Toys

Toddlers love to touch, watch, see, and explore. Buy toys with bright colors, interesting textures, fun sounds, and different shapes.

What type of toys should I buy?

Stick with Toddler Toys

Stick with toddler toys. Buy sturdy toys that won't fall apart. Toys designed for older children often have smaller parts, can be a choking hazard, and can be frustrating to a toddler.

What do I look for in choosing a car seat?

Buying Car Seats

After checking for safety features on car seats, also check to see if the seat will be comfortable for the toddler. Is it padded? A toddler will often spend a lot of time in a car seat.

What type of clothing should I buy for my toddler?

Hat for Cold Weather

Have available pull-on hats for cold weather. Body heat is easily lost through the head. Hats not only help to keep the toddler's ears and head warm, but will also help the toddler retain body heat.

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