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What should I look for when choosing a day care or preschool?

Daycare Provider

Evaluate your daycare provider. Does she communicate problems and accomplishment of your child? Is she responsive to your questions? Is she kind and caring to you and your child?

Why stay at home with children?

Time With Children

Stay at home moms and dads usually have more time to spend with their children. It is great to have a parent in the home with the children when they are small rather than sending them to daycare. Children can be taught the values the parent chooses.

Why stay at home with children?

Less Illness

Children who are not in daycare and preschool usually have less illness than those children that are exposed to others more.

What should I look for when choosing a day care or preschool?

Evaluate Program

Visit the center and look around. Is there adequate room for the children? Are safety precautions taken? Is it licensed? What is the teacher to child ratio? What is taught? What is the cost?

How can I locate a preshcool or daycare?

Locating a Preschool/Daycare

Check with parents of other children, friends, neighbors, church groups, or your doctor for recommendations.

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