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What do toddlers like?


Toddlers like affection and attention. They enjoy being held, hugged, and carried. Give your toddler lots of attention. Often hold, hug, talk to, listen to, and give your toddler lots of attention.

What are the characteristics of a toddler?

Behavior of One Year Olds

One year olds like to explore and learn. They have a need to be independent, but can easily be distracted. They are learning a few words and will usually say "no" alot. They like to try new foods, play outdoors, walk, run, drop things, and throw things. They enjoy one on one games. Laughing and smiling come naturally at this age.

How can I understand my toddler needs and wants?

Toddler Perspective

Toddlers see the world different than adults. Children age four and under most often are only aware of their own perspective, ideas, needs, and wants. They need only simple explanations. They enjoy doing the same things over and over again. Games that are short with simple rules work best. Toddlers also have a limited attention span.

What are the characteristics of a toddler?

Behavior of Two and a Half Year Olds

Two and a half year olds are becoming more independent. They often refuse to obey and demand everything be done their way. They don't like to share and often have tantrums. They often refuse to take naps and want to stay up late at night. A lot of patience is required on the part of the parent.

How can I help potty train my toddler?

Remind Often to go Potty

Toddlers usually need to be reminded often to go to the bathroom. They often become busy and preoccupied with the activity they are doing and don't want to take time out to go potty.

What can I do about biting?

Biting Out of Frustration

Toddlers often bite because they are frustrated and cannot communicate very well. Avoid situations where the toddler is likely to become upset. Don't expect toddlers to share their toys. Schedule play dates and outings when the toddler is not tired.

How can I help potty train my toddler?

Praise and Encouragement

Praise and encouragement is very effective in potty training. Toddlers like to please their parents and love the attention. Don't be negative or scold when accidents happen. Give plenty of praise with each attempt to use the potty.

How can I help my child eat healthy foods?

Healthy Snacks

Keep on hand plenty of healthy snacks. Toddlers snack a lot. Avoid having sweets and junk food available.

When should I use disposable training pants?

Disposable Training Pants

Disposable training pants work well when you are away from home. Toddlers may not want to use toilets that are unfamiliar to them. Disposable training pants can be used all the time to cut back on laundry and help the children avoid embarrassment of accidents.

What is a full set of baby teeth?

Baby Teeth

A full set of baby teeth is 20 teeth. Most toddlers will have a full set of teeth by age two or three although their is quite a variation in the age at which teeth appear.

What can I do about biting?

Biting to Imitate Another Child

Toddlers learn from watching others. They often see another child bite someone and decide to try it themselves. Tell the toddler: No, biting hurts. Remove the toddler from area for a few minutes.

When should I move a toddler out of a crib?

Toddler Bed

Move the toddler out of the crib and into a new bed about two months before a new baby arrives. This will give the toddler time to adjust to the new baby and will make it easier for the toddler to give the crib to the baby.

How can I teach my child good manners?

Eat Meals Together

Toddlers learn manners and eating habits from examples. Eat together as a family. Show the toddler how to use his fork and spoon. Remember to say "please" and "thank you."

Why are toddlers selfish?


Toddlers often seem selfish. They don't like to share. They often take or demand toys and things from other children. They disagree and become frustrated easily. Toddlers do not yet understand the needs of others and often are only aware of what they want at the moment. Make only a few rules and be consistent. Give simple explanations and tell them that others have feelings too.

How can I prevent diaper rash?

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash can best be prevented if the toddler's bottom is washed with soap and water after every messy diaper. Diaper wipes don't completely clean all the irritants from a toddler's bottom. Give your toddler a quick bath after a messy diaper. If you don't have time to give your toddler a quick bath, try adding a little soap and extra water to the last diaper wipe used to clean your toddler's bottom.

When should my toddler take a nap?


Some toddlers don't seem to need as much sleep as others. Toddlers with early bedtimes often skip naps during the day. Afternoon naps are often better than late evening naps, because the toddler may not be tired enough to go to bed at bedtime.

How do I help my toddler adjust to a new baby?

New Baby

Give your toddler extra attention when a new baby arrives. Toddlers need to know that they are still loved and appreciated. Tell the toddler that the new baby loves him/her very much. Give the toddler simple tasks to do to feel important and help. Give plenty of praise and encouragement to the toddler.

What can I do about biting?

Biting to Get Attention

Toddlers need lots of attention. If they are feeling left out, bored, ignored, or upset; they may bite just to get your attention. Tell the toddler: No, biting hurts. Remove the toddler from area for a few minutes. Take extra time to spend with your toddler. Provide activities to keep the toddler busy.

How much does a toddler grow in a year?


Toddlers usually grow between 4 and 5 inches and gain 4 to 6 pounds from age one to age two. From age two to age three they usually grow about 2 to 3 inches and gain 3 to 6 pounds.

How can I clean sippy cup lids?

Cleaning Sippy Cup Lids

To clean sippy cup lids use a little stiff paint brush to get into the areas around the holes where the plastic insert goes.

Where can I find tips on breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding Tips

Find Breastfeeding tips on the related Lifetips web site:

What are the characteristics of a toddler?

Behavior of Two Year Olds

Two year olds often want to help, but can become frustrated eaisly. They like to be with other children, require a lot of attention, and often will not share their things. Two years often enjoy playing hide and seek. They will hide from their parents at home, while shopping, and on most outings. They often get into everything they can.

When is my toddler ready for potty training?

Ready for Potty Training

Toddlers show signs of readiness for potty training by staying dry for several hours, wanting wet diapers changed, showing interest in a potty or the toilet, telling or showing you that he or she needs to go, and by having the ability to pull pants up and down.

What can I use for diaper rash?

Diaper Rash Creme

My pediatrician recommends using shortening if you run out of diaper rash creme. It works well and costs less.

What can I do about biting?

Biting Because of Teething

Toddlers often bite because they are teething. Keep teething toys nearby. Foods such as popsicles, carrot sticks, and hard crackers also help relieve teething pain and give a toddler something to chew on. Numbing medicine is also available to relieve pain.

What are the characteristics of a toddler?

Behavior of Three Year Olds

Three year olds are usually easier to get along with than two year olds. They lean to share, be more responsible, are helpful, can do more things, enjoy storytime, and usually follow directions. They can usually speak well enough for others to understand.

What are the characteristics of a toddler?

Behavior of Four Year Olds

Four year olds are very active. They enjoy playing, working, running, jumping, and talking. They look forward to starting school and taking part in activities. They do not want to be left out of anything and often become jealous of older children. They usually obey and follow directions.

How can I reduce the mess when my toddler eats?

Sipper Cups

Sipper cups work well for toddlers. There are fewer spills. Cups come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are great for traveling, too.

How can I get my toddler to eat more vegetables?

Hiding Vegetables in Toddler Meals

Toddlers can be a bit picky about what they eat, as they are exploring "likes" and "dislikes" for the first time. Hiding vegetables inside of toddler meals is a great way to ensure they are eating right. Here are a few methods to try.

- Cauliflower (fresh or frozen) can be steamed, pureed, and mixed in with macaroni and cheese. It can also be mixed with mashed potatoes.

- Try making spinach smoothies. Place 1/2 cup of fresh spinach leaves in a small blend with 2 tablespoons water. Blend until liquified. Add frozen fruit, almond or soy milk, and a couple packets of Stevia. Blend well. Some parents with boys call these "Hulk" or "Ooze" smoothies do to their green color.

- Carrots can be cooked, pureed, and hidden in soups, casseroles, and more.

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