Eye Drops

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How can I put eye drops in my child´s eyes?

Eye Drops

If your toddler needs eye drops, wait until he or she is asleep. Gently lift the eyelid and place eye drops in. If the child is in deep sleep, they will seldom wake up.



3/31/2007 10:56:53 PM
Judy said:

Oh my God! This TOTALLY works. Thank you so much!

Getting the eye drops into my 27 month old's eyes has been one of the most traumatic experiences as a parent. My husband and I had to wrap her in a towel as she kicked and screamed and scrunched her eyes as tightly as she could. Waiting until she fell asleep was such a difference. It only took one of us to administer the drops. We didn't even have to hold her down! She barely even noticed.


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