Holiday Tradition Ideas

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Where can I find ideas for family traditions?

Holiday Tradition Ideas

Holiday Tradition Ideas

*Plan a service project in December before Christmas.
*Read the Christmas story from the Bible in Luke II on Christmas eve.
*Write a family newsletter with each person contributing a story or a picture.
*Prepare your favorite food together and share some with friends.
*Play charades on Christmas eve using Christmas as a theme.
*Participate in a recreational activity. Go ice skating, skiing, or sledding together.
*Decorate your home in a special way.
*Make homemade decorations for the Christmas tree.
*Make homemade Christmas cards to send to friends.
*Make a family video of everyone sharing a good memory of the past year.
*Hang Christmas stocking up on Christmas eve.
*Secretly do something nice for your neighbors.
*Celebrate the new year with a family dance or special music.
*Watch home movies on New Years eve.
*Stay up late on Christmas eve waiting for Santa to come or have a slumber party by the Christmas tree.



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