Family Tradition Ideas

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Where can I find ideas for family traditions?

Family Tradition Ideas

Family Tradition Ideas

*If relatives live far away, have an Internet chat once a month.
*Visit the library monthly and choose a book to read together as a family.
*Go for family walks in your neighborhood.
*Take pictures of the children on the first day of each school year.
*Go out for ice cream on the last day of the school year.
*Go camping or take a trip together each summer.
*Each month visit an art gallery, museum, or educational exhibit.
*Host a pot luck dinner with your family or neighbors at the end of each summer.
*Help clean up your neighborhood each spring.
*Have a picnic in a park on the 4th of July.
*Celebrate birthdays by allowing the birthday person to choose the meal and activity.
*Celebrate the little things in life. Bake a cake or order pizza when a child receives an award.
*Plan a monthly recreational activity.
*Celebrate an ancestor's birthday.
*Celebrate the first day of each new season with a different activity. Example: spring–go to a show, summer--go swimming, fall–rake leaves together, winter–go ice skating or build a snowman together.



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