Edible Pudding Finger Paint

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How do I make finger paint?

Edible Pudding Finger Paint

One of the most cost-effective, safe, easy, and yummy ways to create finger paint for toddlers is with pudding!

To do this, you will need one box (or more) of instant vanilla pudding. Mix the pudding according to package directions. Add a few drops of your favorite food coloring and chill overnight.

While this finger paint should not be used on actual paper, it is perfect for other surfaces. Ceramic tile floors, high chair trays, bathtubs, and other similar surfaces are all perfect! To clean up, wipe away with a sponge and a mild cleanser.

This edible finger paint is great for smaller children and helps them with fine motor skills. Because it is pudding, eating it will not cause harm to the child. Who says playing with food can't be fun?



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