Adjusting to Daycare

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My three year old daughter is cries very easily. She went to daycare for whole 10 months twice a week but she never did like it. She said she wanted to be with mum. Now she is in full-time daycare and cries all the time. What should we do?

Adjusting to Daycare

Daycare can be very stressful for some young children. If your child seems upset, encourage her to talk about what is bothering her. The number of other children, a particular caregiver, the amount of noise, and even the types of activities can make daycare an unpleasant experience. Ask the daycare director if you can observe. Seeing with your own eyes what is happening at daycare can often give clues as to what may be bothering your child. Also, talk every day with your child's caregivers. They often have particular insight and advice as to how to help make daycare less upsetting for your child.



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