Nap Strategies

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We transitioned my daughter into a big girl bed about three weeks ago. The first two weeks she had no trouble napping or going to bed at night. Her sleep routines are usually pretty solid. Now, she is fighting naptime. How can we get her to nap?

Nap Strategies

Changing from a crib to a bed can disrupt sleep and nap schedules. To solve naptime problems, first determine whether or not your child still needs a nap. Her age and temperament will help you to figure out if she needs to sleep in the afternoon. If not, you might try enforcing an hour-long quiet time instead. If she still needs the sleep, try sitting by her bed without making eye contact. If she gets up, return her quickly and matter-of-factly to her bed without saying a word. In cases where a child really does need the sleep, it should only take a few days of this treatment for a nap schedule to return to normal.



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