Nighttime Parenting

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My grandson is 19 months old. He wakes up screaming during the night. He will scream for one or two hours. What should we do?

Nighttime Parenting

When a toddler is not sleeping well, it is important to have a doctor first rule out medical causes such as reflux, food or environmental allergies, teething, ear infections, pinworms or urinary tract infections. Children can also be very sensitive to rooms that are too cool or too warm or pajamas that are irritating. Another reason for night waking is separation anxiety. If a toddler is screaming for a long time at night, it is not conducive to anyone's well-being. Sometimes, having mom or dad nearby when the child is falling asleep can provide enough security to help the child sleep better at night. Other toddlers sleep more soundly when they are in the same room as their parents for the whole night. Trying different sleeping arrangements while a child works through this stage can be beneficial to the whole family.



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