Weaning from a bottle

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I am embarrassed to admit this, but my son will be 2 next week and still takes a bottle several times a day, including naps and bedtime. What is the best way to wean him from it?

Weaning from a bottle

Many children continue with the bottle or breast for longer than expected, even past their second birthdays. To start weaning from the bottle, first, you will want to change from milk or juice to water in the bottle, especially at naptime and at night. Juice and milk in a bottle can damage teeth. You may have to do this gradually by watering down the milk or juice over the course of a few days until it is only water. Offer plenty of juice and milk in a cup during the day. This change may be enough to convince your child to give up the bottle. If not, take the bottle away during the daytime first. Once your child takes a cup during the day, then try giving it up at naptime and finally, at night. You can continue to offer a sippy cup of water at naptime and nighttime without damage to the teeth.



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