Unruly Twins

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How can I gain control of my 3-year old twins?

Unruly Twins

Disciplining toddlers can be a big challenge, and with twins, it's twice the work! Try to take it one step at a time. First, make a list of behaviors you'd like to change. You may be surprised that many of the causes of your frustration may fall into one category such as tantrums, aggressive behavior, whining or talking back. Try tackling just one of these behaviors at a time. Make a plan to provide consequences for the unwanted behavior such as time out or taking away a toy. Be as consistent as you can in making sure that there is a consequence for every instance of the target behavior. Try to make each twin responsible for his own behavior; it can be easy to fall into the trap of punishing both twins for the misbehavior of one. Give your plan at least two weeks before you change it or move on to another behavior. You may want to read up on discipline strategies. There are many different theories of discipline, and you need to find one that suits you and your overall parenting style. Best of luck!



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